Sunday, November 18, 2007

I am successful...

I'm going to try something on for size. Let me see how it fits...

I am only as successful as the least successful human being.

Hmmm... Looks like I'm not as successful as I thought I was. And I'll never be very successful, because there will always be a human being who is pretty far from what I consider "being successful".

Do I give up at trying to be successful? Or do I go and help those least successful human beings?

How do I help another person, anyway? I used to know how to make everybody successful: "Do what I think you need to do!" I found out pretty fast that you didn't want me to tell you what to do.

Ok. I go to the least successful people and ask them, "What do you need to be successful?" But who ARE the least succssful people in the world?

Ok, I go and ask everyone in the world, "Are you the least successful person in the world?" Then I make a list and start asking them, "What do you need?"

Would that work? Have we tried that before? Did it work?

November 17, 2007