Sunday, July 26, 2020

Define Non-Violence

What is non-violence without violence?

If violence is defined more broadly as the limitation of a person's
options by another person, then non-violence becomes the creation and implementation of options for a person. If I want to be more "non-violent", I help another person see options they did not know they had. Instead of saying someone is being "non-violent", which requires, in a real sense, the existence of "violence", I would say someone is being an "option amplifier", which is a positive, proactive way of being instead of "non-violent", which is double-negative and reactive.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Overthrowing the King!

Just like we figured out that we didn't like kings and kingdoms, we will overthrow the kingdoms of the Internet: Google, YouTube, Facebook, will all fall. Perhaps not in my lifetime, but eventually, as soon as we, the people, realize that we actually have all the power. It is we, the people, who create all the content for these kings. We create the web sites and search inquiries, we create the videos, we create the posts; we, the people.

In the future, "we the people" will build our own sites, responsive to our own creativity, feed, and feeding, our own wants and needs. And because there may be "natural monopolies" along the way, which inevitably move to their incentives and not our own, we will regulate and break up the kingdoms as they arise. This is the legacy of equality, the belief that each of us has a right to equal opportunities, to be creative, to be recognized, to be heard. And our awareness of our connection to the bigger "Us": the ecosystem, the process, the environment, our creator, our connection to mother Earth, will drive us to become empathetic to the needs of all of "Us". Because We (all of "Us") are in this together, because together We are stronger, because everything connects to everything, and our survival depends on our understanding of these connections, passed on through
millions of years of learning, valuable universal lessons.

So I invite all of us humans to build internet sites that feed all of
"Us", not exploit us, enrich us, not degrade us, inspire us, not rob us; of our creativity, our uniqueness, our voice, our contribution, our basic understanding that diversity and creativity are what keep us thriving, have kept us surviving, since the beginning.