Monday, September 19, 2016

Inter-Organizational Competition and Survival

Woke up in the apartment in Chengdu this morning at 6:00am and ended up thinking about this stuff:

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Subject: inter-organizational competition and survival
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 07:01:19 +0800
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Write a play or story involving these major topics in organizational behavior:

Consider an organizational structure to be a form of "artificial intelligence": Artificial intelligence means something different, and "organization" pulls me into a discussion rooted in organizational theory, which talks more about the "how" instead of the "why", more about the "process within" than the "process between", and focuses on "the individual versus the organization" more than "this organization versus that organization".

The culture of China versus the culture of the United States: What can we learn from each other to our mutual evolution and survival?

The conflict between my family and other families (at the institutional conflict level)

The institution of marriage and the family (how marriage choices are made, what is tolerated, why, and how marriage impacts the survival of the family)

Think of the strengths of two sexes as it relates to facilitating the interaction (sharing of "success" information) between families.

The institution of marriage interacting with culture (the conflict between perpetuating a culture versus exploring new cultures)

The conflict between my culture and "not" my culture (what is a culture? how is it perpetuated? how do different cultures interact? survive? tolerate each other? learn from each other (both positive and negative contributors to survival))

The conflict between the family and the culture

The conflict between the family and the school as a vehicle for culture

The power of two sexes in forcing genetic variation across families vis a vis the power of culture in forcing education across families

What if, as a culture, we chose to exalt marriages across cultures?

How does the U.S. in relation to China look through these glasses?