Sunday, August 08, 2021

Diversity as a survival strategy...

If I improve my understanding of reality by exposing myself to other points of view, then is it my best survival strategy to be around people with different points of view? Is survival optimal when I surround myself with people who have divergent points of view?

Survival versus survivability: the state of surviving versus the process of survival

If survival is what defines evolution, then does evolution lead to the survival of the process of survivability? Is survivability, the ability to survive, the ultimate result of evolution? I often imagine that human beings have evolved the ultimate survival process through the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation using a process we call the scientific method. But perhaps bacteria are the ultimate survival mechanism? What are the limits of evolution through survival? For example, under what circumstances would the human species give up its own survival to promote the survival of another species/process? Is there such a thing as survival of survivability, survival of the process of survival?

What is the DNA of an atom? And did the process of atomic evolution go extinct?

Are molecules and atoms the result of the same survival mechanisms I associate with DNA? Is the structure of an atom its DNA? Is what makes up an atom the result of an evolutionary survival process? If so, what is their equivalent to DNA? Did the survival process produce a result that was so successful at surviving that further evolution ceased? Is the result of the evolutionary process for DNA heading for the same eventual extinction? If I could live forever, what forces might drive me to change?

Is survival in a virtual world important?

In what ways is survival in a virtual world different than survival in the real world? Is survival in a virtual world as valuable as survival in the real world? What's the difference? Under what circumstances might survival in a virtual world be more valuable than survival in the real world? What might be the evolutionary process in a virtual world?