Friday, February 15, 2013

Ideas that came to me early this morning

I woke up on 2/15/2013 at 2:15am and lay in bed thinking about some ideas,,,

1. Use a "fish-eye" lens (180-360 deg view) into a cell phone to watch over me at night when I am sleeping (intruders, mosquitoes, etc.)
 1a. Uses "differencing" video to monitor only significant changes
 1b. Warns me when it sees a mosquito. Shows me where it is in real time (follows it even though I can't see it.)

2. GPS and sidereal time based on sun's location
 2a. Give cell phone ability to know where "level=horizon" is
 2b. Give cell phone ability to know where "north=magnetic" is
 2c. Give cell phone ability to know date

3. Put fish-eye lens and transmitter into a "marble" or "grain of sand"
 3a. Throw a handful of sand into the air or into another room and each camera sends it's portion of a 3-d live image of the area within view of the sand.
 3b. Drop sand from a plane towards the ground and have a 3-d real-time image of where everybody / everything is before / during someone / something's arrival or for future reference
 3c. Powered by little solar collectors and/or little batteries.

4. If the Earth's magnetic field is generated from its metallic liquid center
 4a. Can we monitor the magnetic field and infer the movement of the liquid center?
  4a1. If we can monitor the liquid center, can we use that information as a GPS system?
 4b. Does the movement of the liquid center correlate to the timing of earthquakes (like a wave under a floating hardened surface might cracks)?
 4c. Do the changes in the earth's magnetic polarity correspond to earth impacts significant enough to disturb the magnetic flow similar to the striking of a magnet can cause the magnet to reverse polarity.
 4ca. Does the manner in which a magnetic material is struck predict the chances of a change in polarity?

5. Is there a frequency of electromagnetic radiation that facilitates or contributes / cancels out the firing of neurons in the brain?
 5a. Several transmitters on a person's head (fixed dots) could be controlled to emit enough energy at just the right time so that the resultant of all the transmitters occurred at the specific location of a particular neuron, enough to trigger the neuron.

6. "Bluetooth"-like "hearing aid" ear implants give a rising and falling tone based on the position of recognized features of a person's head to guide their head to look at something being monitored by a fish-eye-like lens (related to "1" above)
 6a. The alarm for an intruder (person, mosquito) could be silent and only heard by the person wearing the receiving ear implants with tones used to guide the person to look in the direction of the intruder.
 6b. Ability to put a "monitor dot" on a doorknob to be awakened when the knob is turned
 6c. Ability to "sense" if someone is in the field of view of the cell-phone / hand-held assistant / reality enhancing device, like putting it around a corner to see what's there

7. Ability to infer sun's location based on monitoring movement of shadows (don't need to be able to see the sun to know it's position).

8. Ability to build a 3-d virtual version of the real-time world within view of "seesand"=collections of cameras the size of grains of sand communicating through a network made up of all the individual "dotcams".
 8a. What would the world be like if there were large areas (everywhere?) of "seesand" and anyone could use this observation network to experience those areas as virtual real-time 3-d worlds?
 8b. What if someone knew who was using the network from what point of view so that he could "see" all the people who were experiencing the virtual world? (Visitors might be represented by "ghost" images of heads with eyes looking around.

9. Build a team of virtual players that play any of the 3-d real-time war game videos.
 9a. The v-team players communicate over the same "audio" channel built for real people.
 9b. The v-team players coordinate at "bullet time".

10. Encrypt the network transmissions of the "seesand" so that they appear to be white noise and are undetectable by transmission frequency monitors.

11. Build radio transmitters that encrypt their messages by changing the transmission frequency in an algorithmic way.