Saturday, December 07, 2019

Externalities regulated by lawsuits

Externalities, the "side-effects" of economic behavior, are regulated by lawsuits. Is this the best way? Is this the only way? I am reminded of "Exit, Voice, and Loyalty" by Hirschman, that advocates other regulatory behaviors by consumers to give the market feedback. What happens when the externalities impact a commons, such as air pollution or climate change?

Rule for political systems

Are there issues being voted on that can be segmented, so that instead of "majority rules", each constituency "rules", and so more people are better off?

 This is like "dollar proportional voting", only everyone is given an equal number of votes. This is called "dot" voting, where each is given a number of dots to spread amongst alternatives.

Politics as a process to manage all commons

Politics is the process of managing the commons. What can I do to improve the political process by studying how other commons have been managed?  How can I use this information to improve local politics?

From whence a god?

A community that is overseen by a vast intelligence, a "god". This "god" asks itself the question of where it came from and finds out that it was created by the community it oversees billions of years ago through the use of artificial intelligence.